What is Errors & Omissions Insurance?
In the litigious world we live in today, many business owners protect themselves with errors and omissions insurance (E&O). E&O or Professional Liability Insurance is meant to protect any errors or omissions that an individual or an organization may make while in the process of producing, recommending, working, designing, or manufacturing profession. This type of coverage is not covered under your regular General Liability Policy.

3 easy steps to get a quote:
1. Select your industry
2. Print and complete the application
3. Fax it to (408) 997-7890 - Please include resume or bio of officers/owner

Why do we need this?

Regardless of what kind of business you own, customers can claim that something you did on their behalf was done incorrectly, and that this error cost them money or caused them harm in some way. Also most of your clients will require that you carry E&O.

Who needs it?
This type of insurance may be appropriate for anyone who gives advice, makes educated recommendations, manufactures, designs solutions or represents the needs of others, such as doctors, consultants, teachers, software developers, ad copywriters, Web page designers, placement services, telecommunication carriers or inspectors.

* If your profession is not listed , then fill out
General E&O form and call us at 408-997-7718

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