On The Cover     June, 2006

Outmuscling Insurance Agents

Sanjeev Jain

Valley's Agent Zain Jeewanjee is an expert on selling travel health insurance over the Net. What's his magic formula?
When Zain Jeewanjee speaks on how to sell insurance on the Internet, people listen. The founder and CEO of g1g.com has made insurance—often ridiculed for its persistent agents and hidden conditions—a nice place to be in and to make money too.

That’s why he gets invited to speak at various forums on Internet marketing and making the Internet a money-spinner. It was his slick marketing quotient that made g1g.com a one-stop shop for buying travel health insurance and Jeewanjee a pioneer in
marketing insurance over Internet.
" Even when a customer types Jeewanjee wrongly, he lands in the right site. "

But there’s more to Jeewanjee’s skills than just Internet marketing. He also owns Zain Jeewanjee Insurance Agency, the Silicon Valley’s largest insurance agency that insures everything from wedding ring to international employee’s workers compensation coverage. His main business here is the Workers Comp market. “Our focus is to find cost effective risk management solutions for our diverse range of corporate clients,” says Jeewanjee.

Jeewanjee came to the U.S. from Indian subcontinent in 1983. He worked with an insurance broker. However the job didn’t excite him. “I didn’t like selling on phone,” Jeewanjee says.

Then a tragedy struck. His son, who was sick, died and he didn’t have an insurance cover. Jeewanjee then hit upon the idea of starting a health insurance company to help International travelers. He started Zain Jeewanjee Insurance Agency in 1985. As the business began to flourish, he started offering corporate benefits to large companies. “Zain is a professional, experienced businessman with excellent contacts and rapport with many insurance and financial leaders. I have had the great pleasure of working with Zain on several projects and have enjoyed a productive and profitable result,” says Jim Greth, Senior Vice-President of Word and Brown, one of the largest developers and distributors of health benefit plan models and solutions to licensed brokers.

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